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About Studio 404


Studio 404 was created specifically for today's man. Men today know the importance of a polished, confident appearance, but can't always find the time after working all day to get the services they need.

Our customers want more than just an average haircut. We know that you care about your appearance and you want great service. You want to know you're getting the best, whether it's your car, your new cell phone, your job, and your haircut. Our customers come to Studio 404 because they can get in and out quickly when they need to or they can stay and hang out with the guys. Our location is easy to find and there is plenty of parking right at our front door. You can get in and out quickly. The salon is wheelchair accessible.

Studio 404 is unique because we offer traditional barber shop services especially precision haircuts. Our aim is to meet all your needs as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Our licensed staff constantly is learning and training on the newest most up to date methods to provide each and every one of Studio 404's clients with great service.

Studio 404 clients can always feel confident they are getting the best service in men's grooming.

Our aim is to meet all your needs as quickly and comfortably as possible by offering services all in one location.

With the constant changing in today's corporate world Studio 404 not only provides great grooming services but also the much needed pick me up to help face today's corporate challenges.

Today men are much more conscious about the way they look and it has become common practice and acceptable for men to visit salons. We have kept the style of the salon neutral, so the men who visit do not find it alien entering a "girlie" beauty salon.

Men's treatments and hair coloring can be done in the private treatment room if you choose.

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