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There is only one First Haircut

The first haircut, the first time in a salon... a lot of nostalgia goes along with it. There is something momentous about a boy's first haircut, the tiniest first step toward growing up. It's an occasion when anything can happen. Uncertainty might give way to tears at the sight of the scissors, or a boy might look into his father's eyes and find the courage to take his seat in the chair, let the barber's cape be draped around his shoulders and the scissors and combs do their nimble work. It's an incomparable moment for parents who know just then how much they are needed. And it's their first glimpse of that child's future, independent, strong and full of life's possibilities.

Every boy's first haircut will be commemorated with a First Haircut Certificate.

Bring your camera!

This is my first haircut. I got my first haircut the day I turned 2 years old. I went with my dad and mom. That's me sitting on my dad's lap. My stylist was my Godmother, Cathy.

Zac Lyon, owner, master stylist

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